Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mom's Calzones, "Tasty"

Hey everybody. I haven't made any food recently or seen any cool foods at places outside my house. I was going to try not to make posts about my mom's or my sisters' food. Who knows, I might have to say that one of their dishes was only tolerable, or maybe even terrible (Just kidding, pretty much everything they make is really tasty). However, seeing as I haven't made a post in a couple of days, and since my mom made some really awesome food the other night, I thought that it couldn't hurt to make a post about her dinner at least this once.
So here goes. Last night, my mom made calzones. You know, those pizza in a pocket things. She made three different types. One had steak and yellow cheese, one had sausage and white cheese, and the other had some mixture of meats ,and broccoli ,and cheese. I only tried the sausage and the steak ones.
After eating both of them, I had to decide: were they tasty, tolerable, or terrible? Just like the majority of the food my mother makes, these hot smokin calzones were tasty.


  1. Well I am so happy you like them! You are too sweet, especially after the beating your took from us girls at the dinner table tonight;)

    Really, they weren't difficult, just TJ's pizza dough and some browned meat and cheeses.

  2. Sheila: They really were good. About the comments at the dinner table, I'm used to you guys (I mean girls) making fun of me and stuff.

  3. As a mother, I can tell you, no compliment means more than a child's about their food!

  4. YUM! Meat & cheese & a dough crust... what's not to love?!

    I have to say I'd LOVE it if one of my kidlets posted about my food. =)