Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pasta Primavera: Tolerable

Tonight I made Pasta Primavera. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman . Actually my mom got the recipe from pioneer woman. She was making dinner, and I offered to help, and she let me make the entire pasta.
Some of you may be wondering why I gave a recipe from The Pioneer Woman a "tolerable." Well, it wasn't her fault. I am just not an expert cook yet. When I made the sauce, I made it a little bit too liquidy, and over all, I merely did an okay job. So that is why I gave it a tolerable.
Tolerable, however, is not a bad rating. It just means that it is not incredibly delicious. I definitely enjoyed the pasta, but I also definitely think that it could have been better.
On a side note, it seems like a really healthy dinner. It has tons of fresh veggies. Also, with the half-and-half, the heavy whipping cream, and the cheese it has to have at least some protein. To finish it off, the pasta has healthy carbs to give you energy for the next day.


  1. It was really good! I think I am going to pack some for lunch tomorrow if their were any leftovers.

  2. Bradley -- good job! I bet the more often you make it, the better it will get, probably like anything in the kitchen! What I like to do, when trying a recipe for the first time, is to follow it exactly. Then, the subsequent times, I make adjustments based on my preferences, or experience from the first time making it. That way, you adjust it to make it your own! Keep it up!

  3. Well, it looks really good to me! I love the dish you served it in. I wish I had your mom's luck and had kids who offered to help me cook, then took over! Wow. Who had to do dishes?
    Nice work.

  4. So glad to see you back..you have been missed. This meal looks good to us, but then we are not to hard to please!

  5. ooooohhhhh Bradley! That pasta looks fabulous! I am always looking for new recipes...I think my family would LOVE this!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and registering for my giveaway. Good luck to you (or your sisters)~
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. I made your Pasta for dinner a couple of nights ago! It was wonderful! Put some more recipes up....my menus are getting pretting boring!

    Come by again....your sisters would love my new Relay for Life giveaway!


  7. I hope you post something new soon, Happy Easter!

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